Your property is in safe hands with SB Speedy Maintenenace





Mission Statement


We are skilled, experience professionals who are qualified and committed to excellence and quality. We are very good at what we do.


We believe in:


  • an open, honest, pragment and transparent maintenance service,
  • being proud and happy about what we do,
  • always focused on performance and success,
  • operating safely and responsibly,
  • always learning and developing ourselves and processes,
  • continuous improvement.

SB Speedy Maintenance Ltd.


"Your property is in safe hands"


Call us on 020 8405 9972 or 075 3572 8120 for free quote.


Welcome to

SB Speedy Maintenance Ltd.


SB Speedy Maintenance Ltd. is a reliable and professional maintenance service company based in Croydon, United Kingdom.



Why choose us?


  • Fast and dependable service, completion of the job is always on time.
  • We always conduct ourselves professionally.
  • Ensure a high quality workmanship.
  • Remain client focused.
  • We cater to residential and commercial properties.
  • We do installations, repairs, improvements and remodelling.
  • Gardening and clearing.
  • Always stay within budget.
  • Looking to be the maintenance service company of your choice, ensuring a repeat business with clients.



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